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Hearing the Silence Above the Noise…

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

On our journey to Colorado from Arizona in May, we stopped in Moab. At this juncture, the desert-landscape begins to fade and transform. And it was here that I found a field to walk out into. I could still hear the noise of the traffic, but there was a silence that I could hear above it. The spring-time sounds of crickets and frogs, no breeze, just the transformation of the seasons…the beautiful nothingness of nature. And I realized this was to be the mantra for the next journey…

To hear the silence over the noise, in a physical sense and in a deeper one. We opened Firefly Pizzeria on May 20th in Grand Lake, and the noise of business was wonderful, the intensity thick, but more than ever, I craved that silence. To be alone with my thoughts, dreams, and imaginings. It’s not possible in the restaurant industry, and for this INFJ personality, it means suffering, and yet, a part of me likes this challenge. It parallels my surroundings. The mountains are rugged, they are unforgiving, and they are profound. It’s a step back in time, only the horse-thieves and looters are emotional ones. But there are champions everywhere.

Yes, I’ve had my encounters with more than a few ‘Claire Duttons’ (1883) – God help me – but I’ve also been touched by the breath of humanity. Helpful people who offer to take out our over-flowing trash, who smile, who thank us, who wait 45 minutes just for a pizza. I get to meet and observe people from all over the country and world. And it is inspiring to see this goodness and hear their stories. So many stories…

And so the journey continues…to create, to build, and to serve. It binds our family. We have to stick to together, have one another’s backs, and trust each other.

We all have journeys that manifest in myriad ways. Journeys of change, health, grief, turmoil, joy. As for me, when I step outside and hear the silence over the noise, in my head and my heart, I am strengthened.

What an interesting adventure this is…

…to be continued I am sure.

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