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FIREFLY Pizzeria  is a family-owned business with a rich pizza-history! We own a pizzeria in Grand Lake, Colorado, which we operate May through October.  The rest of the year is spent in Fountain Hills, Arizona, where we run a food truck. We specialize in Neapolitan-style pizza and use quality organic and local ingredients. 

(Note that on high-volume days, such as holidays, online ordering may be temporarily disabled.)

An artisan pizzeria & street-food experience with an Italian twist.



What makes our dough unique? First of all, we use flour sourced from one region of Italy - Tuscany. And we allow for a 48 hour fermentation which not only assists digestion, but adds depth to the flavor of our dough. It's true...speed kills pizza dough and that's why we make ours with unhurried care.

Food artisan: one who produces foods and edible foodstuffs that are not mass produced, but rather made by hand. 

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