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Firefly Pizzeria

828 Grand Avenue
Grand Lake, Colorado
(Just East of the Rocky Mountain Repertory Theater)


We will be open on July 4th!


Summer Hours: 


11-2:30, lunch; (break); 5-8, dinner

*CLOSED Thursdays


Closing Day: October 31, 2024

*Note that online ordering may be temporarily disabled on high-volume days, and if all time slots have been filled (there are only so many allowed per hour), you will not be able to access.

Grand Avenue
meatball sandwich
Mara Forni Oven
Moonlit Ambience
Continental Divide Trail
outdoor seating

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Neapolitan-style pizza?​​

Neapolitan pizza, or Naples-style pizza,  is derived from the Campania region of Italy. It is known for a thin base and puffy edge. We make our pizza using  traditional Italian-sourced flour, water, and salt. That's it! We do not embalm our dough with additives and chemicals in order to 'preserve' it; thus, it is always best straight out of our oven!

Do you sell pizza by the slice?

We do not and here's why...Think of an organic apple picked straight from the tree. It tastes delicious. But cut it into pieces and leave it out for five minutes, and the oxidation, chemical-change process occurs making the fruit less crunchy, turning it brown. Because our pizza is made from high-quality, organic ingredients, we prefer to serve it fresh. The alternative is to preserve the dough with additives, GMOs, and other chemicals which you find with pizza-chain restaurants and frozen assortments. (Think of fast food apple slices vacuum sealed in a package making the fruit appear perfect, only because the apple is soaked in preservatives. This is not what we're going for.)

What size are your pizzas?

All pizzas are 12 inch because, believe it or not, this is the rule and requirement for Neapolitan pizzas. One pizza is recommended for two people, depending on hunger level.

Do you have gluten-free options?

Because we make our dough (and don't buy it frozen from a vendor), we have a lot of flour lurking everywhere. Therefore, we cannot ethically guarantee a gluten-free experience. However, we recognize the need and are looking into options. As a side-note, because our dough is fermented for 48 hours and we use organic flour, most gluten-sensitive individuals do great. Consider this article discussing the fermentation of dough. We do not recommend for people with Celiac disease.

Are you open year-round?

The Grand Lake Pizzeria is open early-May through October.

How do you order online?

Order online by clicking on the online button on this page. We highly recommend picking up your pizza on time, or even arriving early, in order to maximize freshness, and eating within 10 minutes (see above regarding Neapolitan-style pizza). However, you can reheat at 450 degrees for 8-10 minutes to crisp the crust. On high-volume days, online may be disabled temporarily so we can attend to customers in the restaurant.

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