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Long Way to Go and a Short Time to Get There…

Updates regarding the pizzeria in Grand Lake, Colorado…

Well, after another oven debacle in which we won’t go into the first, our new Marra Forni oven is scheduled to be finished on June 16th…and if all goes well and it doesn’t hit a bump in the road (literally), it will be delivered from Maryland to Grand Lake in one-piece the following week. Construction continues in the pizzeria – plumbing is nearly finished and walls are being framed in. Equipment ordered. Menu revised. The countdown to opening has begun…

Meanwhile, the feeling of being sidelined resumes and anticipation of whether or not this will be a win or loss keeps us on the edge. But the ‘to-do’ lists are being checked off and the excitement builds.

For those who haven’t been to Grand Lake, it is an experience even for us, having previously lived in this county for years. It has a ‘Great Outdoors-John Candy-feel’ with a mix of the old, historic lake cabins and new mountain chic builds. The moose roam down the street (not kidding) and the door to Rocky Mountain National Park is always opened. There is not one corporate owned store in this town, which I actually love, but the price of everything reflects this no-Walmart-in-town setting. The locals have their have places and so do the tourists. We’re somewhere in the middle.

We’ll soon be posting some great video and pics of Mark at the Marra Forni Demo at Desert Peak Marketing in Denver last week!

Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted on how this saga unfolds…

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